Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I went to the Newman Center yesterday, and the Tigers vs. Twins game, the tiebreaker for the AL Central Division title, happened to be on the TV. I decided to embrace the city of my future Alma Mater of sorts and root for the Twins. I've never really followed the AL, and since there will likely be very little contact with my favorite NL team (which I hope will finish its losing streak soon lol), there'd be no problem with the Twins becoming my favorite AL team. :)

WHAT A GAME for any fan, new or old!!! You can't watch a game like that and not get into it. Everyone there was on the edge of his or her seat, especially once the game hit extra innings, even though none of them really cared which team won. (Well, besides me. :-D) I'm just glad the game ended before my 10 PM Holy Hour. In the 9th inning, I was joking that I might have to leave the game for Holy Hour. By the 12th, I realized that I probably shouldn't have joked. :-P Luckily, the game finished with the TWINS victorious, closing out their last season at the Metrodome triumphantly!

...Oh yeah, this does NOT mean I am rooting for the Vikings too. PITTSBURGH STEELERS ALL THE WAY!!!!!

Just figured I should clarify that. :)


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