Thursday, October 8, 2009
Breakfast, baseball, bars, and Barbara :)
I just had my first hot breakfast in about three weeks, and it was sooooo good! I bought a ham, egg, and cheese bagel from the cafeteria at work because I was somewhat in a rush this morning as I was leaving my house. Somehow, even though I managed to pick up Mini-Muffins for after Mass, the fact that I was rushing (and therefore stressed) somehow entitles me to a bagel in my mind. :-P

Though, I just realized, the fact that I’ve been eating a small breakfast on-the-go will probably help me for next semester. As I discovered last time I was in Rome, Italians eat a small breakfast of some sort of bread or muffins and juice or milk. We found that out after our first day there, when Sr. Claudia (one of the nuns at the convent where we stayed) noticed we were devouring our bread and let us know what Italian breakfasts are like. Since a nice, hot breakfast is pretty much my favorite meal (it doesn’t matter what it is-- eggs and bacon, pancakes, waffles, French toast, what have you…I love it), I’m going to need to adjust to Italian culture. So even though I haven’t made my own scrambled eggs in weeks, I guess it’s for the best in the long run. :)

…and following up on the last post—didn’t watch the Twins last night, but sad that they lost.

…and did you know that there’s a Steelers bar in Rome??? Barbara and I are DEFINITELY going there sometime!!!

Oh yeah, I should “introduce” you to Barbara! :) Barbara is my neighbor 2 blocks down from home who goes to Duquesne University. I found out this summer that she’s going to Rome next spring too through her school! Praise the Lord! The fact that she was going to Rome too, planned completely separately from my trip, was also proof to me that God was providing for me to go. At the point she told me she was going, I was terrified of being alone in my faith while in Rome (of course, we’re never truly alone, but I’ve come to deeply appreciate faith in the context of community--I know that God gives us each other so that we may remain faithful to Him and grow in love for one another), and the fact that she was going assured me that I’d have at least one Catholic friend there and encouraged me to finish my applications. Thank God for His Providence! Now, I get to share some of Rome with her too! :)

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