Monday, May 30, 2011
Happy Memorial Day!
First of all, I have to say that I had a wonderful Memorial Day! I got to see some family that I haven't seen in awhile, and some family [em]and[/em] friends with whom I wish I could spend more time. But I would be remiss if I did not remember that the opportunity to spend time freely with family and friends today is due to the sacrifice of many who came before me, and of those who continue to sacrifice for the good of our nation and our freedom. May God bless and keep all those who have served our nation, past and present.

My Great-Uncle Chester was one of these people who served our nation, and he paid the ultimate price for it. I have never met him because of his death in WWII, in an Air Force airplane off the shores of France, June 21, 1944, but my grandmother still remembers her big brother fondly, and I have come to know him through her. He is buried in France, and my friend Steven got to visit his grave at Lorraine this year. Here's a picture of his gravestone, which I have thanks to Steven:

Lately, I have felt the need to continue to pray for Uncle Chester's soul, since he is a member of my family. Though I never knew him, I know that his sacrifice, as well as the sacrifices of many others, are what give us the freedoms I enjoy today.

And for something a little lighter, here's an "unofficial" translation of the Star-Spangled Banner's first verse that I translated when I was bored at work last summer. (I meannn...I always work at work. Duh.) I borrowed the last two lines from a website I saw, and I translated the rest myself. It's not a direct translation, in the interests of keeping with the song, but it's got the right general concept.

Potesne videre
Prim(a) aurorae luce
Quod superbe nocte
Salutavimus ibi
Cuius virg(ae) et stellae
Belli periculo
Ventilabant ample
Super nostr(o) inimico?
Radius ignifer
Fulgor quoque ruber
Per noct(em) ostendit
Ut vexillum staret.
Ecce, vexillum stellatum
Vibratne etiamnum,
Super patria libera domoque fortium?

May God bless all of our troops past and present this Memorial Day!!!
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