Wednesday, October 20, 2010
I get random flashbacks sometimes...

...of an ambulance siren piercing the air with its frenzied cries
...of my feet pounding onto narrow cobblestone pathways between tall buildings
...of feeling the brisk, damp morning air on my face for the hundredth time
...of dark, cold, damp churches with melodies reverberating to the heavens
...of umbrellas and wet feet and the gratitude of arriving at the destination
...of awaking before the dawn, sojourning before the dawn, and emerging to see the sun just beginning to rise
...of smiling faces greeting me along the way, wheresoever I may be traveling at the time
...of facades towering high above me as I walk past and marvel at their beauty
...of the sound of rushing water in majestic fountains
...of dinners and organs and guitars and flowers and chapels and the sounds of shouts and laughter echoing through the stairwell
...of gardens and courtyards and drinking fountains showering with an unexpected spray
...of great lecture halls adorned with the One of whom we spoke, the One for whom, because of whom, we lived
...of poetry and eyebrows and soothing accents and white garments and Adoration

...and then I wonder how I got there. How I got here. Whether it was all a dream.

I know it couldn't have been. It felt so real. And yet now it feels so distant.

I long for the laughter and the smiles. I long for those who can read what I wrote and understand every bit of it.

And then I remember that it is time to move on. It is time to take the next step on my sojourn. For I am still a traveler after all. I must continue on from this place to the next, and only He knows what the next is. But along the way, I cherish these memories, I thank Him for them, and I pray for those with whom I shared them.
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