Saturday, September 4, 2010
Brief Update on the First Week of School
I find I write more consistently if my thoughts don't have to be consistent. So, here are the bullet points of my life this week! :)

Classes I'm taking: Intro to Logic, Computer Aided Design, English Comp, Latin Prose, Intro to Electrical Engineering for Non-Majors, and Operations Research. Also sitting in on Catholic Life and Practice with the learned Fr. Michael Darcy! :-D

~Logic professor is kinda confusing. I can basically understand the material I read...until he begins to explain it.

~CAD doesn't seem like it should be too bad. Homework is straightforward, and kinda fun! I like seeing what you can produce on the computer.

~English Comp is commonly known as Freshman COmp. But because I did not take it as a freshman, well, here I am as a senior!

~Latin Prose may be below my ability level, but maybe not. I'm finding that I need to re-orient myself to Classical style and pronunciation after doing the Vulgate last semester. Plus my remembering of vocabulary is not what I'd like it to be.

~Intro to EE was the bane of everyone's existence last year, but this prof doesn't seem too bad. Apparently last year's was just awful, but I'm hoping that is not the case this year. Electricity and Magnetism never really stuck with me in high school or college. (No pun intended!)

~Ops research is relatively straightforward. Seems to draw on a lot of Linear Algebra.

~Catholic Life and Practice is an awesome class to sit in on! And having a Latin Bible has been an awesome plus--Fr. Mike knows so much about the theology behind the specific Latin/Greek words used. It's extremely interesting and exciting!

And in general...

~Missing Rome as I return to classes here. I thought wistfully on the bus on my first day to school about how, on the first day of school in Rome, we passed Fr. Danda who wished us a good day when we passed him at the Greg on the way to the Ang. For the first three days, I saw dozens of people who reminded me of Bernardians. (Surely my own wishful thinking, no doubt.) I no longer receive the same spiritual enrichment from my classes (at least not specifically), so it feels quite like I'm entering back into the humdrum rhythm of classes I was previously used to.

~And speaking of the humdrum rhythm of classes, I'm learning more and more how the Lord desires these humdrum moments as well so that He might draw you to Himself even there. :)

~We had Catholic Rush Week this week!!! This is the week at the Newman Center where we basically have a full week of fun stuff to bring in the freshmen and, really, to connect with each other again as well.

~I had lunch with 2 of my friends from high school, Sammie and Angela. I love seeing these girls again! Also got the chance to have coffee (or Frappuccino, as it turns out) with the lovely Alex M, who went to my youth group back in the day and just started at Pitt this week.

~Yes, while I miss Rome, I guess it's good to be back here too. The ladies of the Citadel have been lovely housemates, and I'm looking forward to the year with them!! :)
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