Tuesday, August 24, 2010
A Smattering of Recent Events
~I finished reading Veritatis Splendor!!! Never mind the fact that I was supposed to finish it about three months ago. It was still an excellent read, and I was glad to have the time to take it in! I hope to be able to put what I learn to good use and to share it with others!

~I have moved into my new house for the school year! I'm living with 2 other girls this semester, and another girl who is studying in Germany will be joining us next semester. The very kind and very humble Fr. Joshua celebrated a Mass for us in our house last Saturday to start our year. (At first, I thought, Wow, I'm having Mass in my house! Then I remembered that this was a regular, weekly occurrence last semester. And then I missed Rome dearly, but at the same time was even more grateful to be able to have the privilege again.) Then, we had a tea party, for which everyone was dressed fabulously! (When we went to the Wine and Spirits store to buy wine, I bought Italian import. Couldn't help myself. :-D) After that, had a wonderful conversation with my roommate Lady Jane while my other roommate Lady Aimee went to dinner. I think this is going to be a good semester. There have already been copious amounts of Disney music in our house. :)

~I am in my last week of my internship at FedEx Ground, and was thoroughly pleased with it this time around. I had much more responsibility than last semester, and I felt as if my work really did help the company. I had the chance to learn more about my strengths and hopefully improve upon some of my weaknesses in the process. I am getting great work experience through this job, and I am thankful for it! I will be back working here one more time, either this spring or this summer, depending on what works for the company. It would be better for my studies if I go in the summer because of my double major, but I need to see how things play out.

~School starts in 6 days. I'm so not ready for it. But I'm doing my best to offer up all my not-ready-ness and all my struggles to the Lord so that He may work through them for the good.

~Going on student leader retreat this weekend!! :) I'm sure the Lord has many good things planned for us this year!

~This last bullet is more of a prayer request. I am at a crossroads of sorts and need prayers that I will do the Lord's will. :)

Last thought: Bernardians, know that I pray for you by name quite often, and that I miss you all a ton. It's a bit of a struggle for me when I remember that I won't see you all on campus this year, but I will be praying for all of you before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. (The Oratory has Perpetual Adoration!)
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