Monday, June 14, 2010
Back at home
Dear blog readers whom I deprived of posts during my Roman travels,

I apologize for being so lax about posting. I meant to post to you. Really I did. But once I got a month behind, I tried to catch you up from that month. But that took forever, since a lot can happen in a month when you're in Rome. Then I had an essay to write. And that took forever too. And then I had finals. They...probably should've taken more "forever" than they did, but that's my fault. ;-) So two months passed, then three, and now here I am sitting in Pittsburgh feeling very bad for not keeping you more up to date.

BUT...I can promise you that I'll feel very reminiscent over the next few weeks, so you will get many faithful recaps of the adventures which everyday life in Rome can bring, of the glories of living in a community bound together by the love of Christ, and of the rich splendors which our Faith holds throughout the city of Rome.

To any Bernardians who might be reading this: I miss you dearly. I wish that I had more time with you, and I realize more and more that you each have a special place in my heart which is irreplaceable. I will be praying for each one of you, especially that you continue to draw nearer to Christ, for it is in Him that we will find everything true, loving, and beautiful. I remember that a few days before we left Fr. Carola said, "In Heaven, we'll have Bernardi forever. And we'll never have to say goodbye." So may God lead each of us there, and may He lead us closer to Him every day.

So now that my eyes are thoroughly misted over, I promise again, I WILL give you some recaps. And I mean it this time. :)

In Christ, through Mary,
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