Thursday, January 14, 2010
General Update
I figure it's time for a general update on what I've been doing on my extended Christmas break!

We celebrated Christmas with my extended family over the course of 2 days. My little cousins Rachel, Sam, and Caty came over with their parents (they will always be my "little" cousins, despite the fact that Rachel, age 11, is now a head taller than I am), as well as my uncle, great-aunt, and grandma from my mom's side. After exchanging gifts and having fun there, we went to my grandpa's house, where I talked to a lot of my cousins who I don't see often. My cousin Jen is going to be in Florence while I'm in Rome, so I talked everything Italy with her, and made plans to see her over the next 4 months! :)

After celebrating and seeing various friends from back home, I went to the FOCUS National Conference in Orlando, Florida. I was here listening to talks, going to Mass, and in general celebrating the Catholic Faith over New Year's. Ringing in the New Year with Matt Maher was awesome!!! Playing Mafia with my friends until about 4 AM was also awesome, despite the fact that I caught a cold and was sick for the next week. I still consider it worth it. :)

Sunday, we took Steph back to school, and I was more sad than usual, knowing that I would see her maybe once again before going away to Rome. Steph is my sister, but she also is truly my best friend, and I think I will miss her more than I realize even now. I should see her, though, the week before I leave, and she plans to visit Rome after her semester gets out. And we have Skype. So I hope it won't actually be so bad.

Since then, I've alternated being completely lazy, hanging out with friends, and embarking on cleaning my room. Usually this wouldn't be so daunting of a task, but seeing as it hasn't been done thoroughly since before I left for college, it's a pretty big deal. I've carted out about 5 grocery bags worth of stuff, and it still doesn't look like I did anything to the room. Really, I need Steph here to help me sort through most of it, since our stuff is mixed together, but with the stuff that's mine, I've already gotten rid of so much, but there's still so much to do!

Two things have been especially problematic in getting rid of stuff:
1) I'm a very sentimental person. If I don't have a program for each concert I've been in, I get worried that I'll want it later. So even though I realistically will never look at these programs again, or ever use such-and-such gift again, I have to keep it. (I'm getting better at being realistic and just throwing things away. That doesn't mean I'm still not sentimental about a lot of it lol.)
2) I like to wear out my clothes until they're destroyed. I have many clothes that I'm keeping because I "may want it for layering" later. Plus, most of my shirts are from shows, programs, or activities I've done in the past. See problem #1.

But I've been working on getting rid of stuff anyway. My next goal, once Steph helps me go through the remainder of the junk, is to figure out a good way to organize it.

Tonight starts 40 Hours for Life at the Oratory, and I'll be hanging out around there a lot over the next few days. Especially since CHARISSE WILL BE COMING IN!!!! :-D I'm so excited, because I haven't seen her in 8 months! I'm looking forward to the weekend!!!

...oh yeah. And I guess I should start packing soon.
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