Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Spiritual Family for Rome
I had written this back in September sometime, and posted it elsewhere until I had a Rome blog. Well, now that I have one, I want to post it here too! :-D

For my preparation to go to Rome, for the trip itself, and for all time thereafter, I take these saints as my spiritual "family." Though the saints "find" us first, I have been deeply influenced by these as of late, and I hope to learn from them even further:

I take as my spiritual father St. Philip Neri, Apostle of Rome, from whom I might learn to live the Gospel cheerfully and faithfully. St. Philip Neri specifically has inspired in me a desire to be knowledgeable about the faith and to present it to a culture which stands against the morals of the Gospel. I hope that, by His guidance, I may learn to live and to teach the Gospel, to deal with my brothers and sisters faithfully and cheerfully, and to grow in love for the Lord every day. St. Philip Neri, through whom I have learned much in the past two years, please pray for me, that I may more ardently love God and live out my life joyfully trusting in Him.

I take as my spiritual brother Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, Man of the Beatitudes, from whom I might learn to live charitably and humbly without counting the cost. From his example, I have learned of the many ways in which I fail in charity and true humility, and I hope to better imitate his love for the poor, his service to them, his holy boldness in facing a culture contrary to the Gospel, his Christ-like charity, his immense humility, his distaste for status and wealth, and his true compassion for others. I pray that, like him, I may use my time of my youth to serve Christ more vigorously (for sloth pervades me constantly) and that I may learn to give my time more earnestly to service of the poor. Blessed Pier Giorgio, my dear friend and spiritual brother, pray for me to God, for I am a selfish sinner, and I wish to repent of my past selfishness.

(List subject to grow in the days to come :-D)

The reason this post came to mind right now is that Barbara and I have decided to go to Turin this April to see the Shroud of Turin!!! The Shroud is in the Cathedral of Turin, which is where Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati's tomb is!!! :-D I'm so excited I get to visit his tomb--even though I already saw him at World Youth Day in 2008, now that I have learned more about him and taken him as a patron of sorts, the visit means even more!! :-D

And the list is subject to grow...I'll just write the addition in (I know there's at least one :-D) at a later time!


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