Friday, November 20, 2009
NaNo Update
I haven't been blogging at ALL since I've been noveling (since it's been hard to even find time for that--I'm behind again!!), but I feel as if I have nothing eventful to report, except for my novel.

So I decided that one of my historical figures was going to get his jaw whacked because my mouth was particularly sore today. (I might have the beginnings of dry socket. I'm hoping I don't, because I hear that it's painful, but we'll see. Anyway...) then my historical companion ended up falling down a set of stairs, hitting his mouth, and decapitating an ugly statue of George Washington.

Here's the statue's description:

"They went in the direction of the statue, which was about three blocks further in the way that they had been walking. Lizzie was prepared to see anything, but she couldn’t muster up much concern over the statue. I thought they should have replaced that thing ages ago, she thought amusedly. Though, she knew that the statue had valid historic significance for the university, as it was paid for by the family of the founder of her university. She knew that the entire faculty would probably be tripping over themselves to be able to get a new one. However, she knew that not many of the students would care. Most of the student body considered the statue a nuisance and an eyesore, not because they didn’t think that Washington should be prominently displayed, but because of the manner in which he was portrayed. He was seen in this statue wielding an axe above his head towards a tree stump in front of him. In the students’ mind, the least they could have done is carve him in a boat crossing the Potomac, or sitting on a chair as President, not looking like an Ax Murderer or an extra in the movie Saw. But whenever the students complained about it, the administration assumed that they were simply uncultured teenagers."

Hat tip to the walking people pole at CMU, which inspired my character's disdain for this statue.

Also, bigger hat tip to Charisse, because if she weren't there kicking my lazy butt into gear, then I would most definitely have given up by now. Thanks, Charisse! :)
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  • At November 20, 2009 at 12:36 AM, Blogger Char said…


    Thanks for telling me to look up your post when it's like 12:30 AM there :P

    I am more than happy to kick your butt into gear :P I am teh awesomest like motivator like ever :D And you're totally not giving up, cause I told you, if you give up, I erase until 49,999 words :P I was almost quite serious about that.

    I shall follow up your post with a post from me.... when I wake up in the morning :P

  • At November 20, 2009 at 8:23 AM, Blogger Caitlin said…

    I hope your mouth feels better! Keep up the good work with the novel!


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