Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Still NaNoWriMo'ing...

I'm currently 660 words away from being on track for NaNoWriMo for the first time this month! :) I hope I reach it today, because it would be much easier to keep up if I were on a good pace in the first place. :)

Caitlin requested on the last post that I post some snippets on the way, and the entire story when I'm done. Well, I'm not sure if I'm going to post the whole thing because I have no guarantee what I write will be good, or even make sense. But I can at least post some snippets. :)

Here's my introductory paragraph (Nota bene, this was days before I got bored of my plot and when my story was supposed to be somewhat normal):

"Lizzie always looked forward to the autumn. Out of all the seasons, she thought that the autumn was the most enjoyable, most pleasing to her senses. The fatiguing humidity of summer begins to fade in a fresh crispness which cools the air and brushes past the face with each new burst of wind. All the trees, after upholding the leaves, green and full of life, on their sturdy branches for a season, now were painted with glorious red, yellow, and orange hues, as if a fire emblazoned the hillside. The sidewalks and pathways were filled with these leaves, and Lizzie loved to crunch the leaves underfoot as she walked through the brisk afternoon air. To her, the entire scene meant that although the life of spring and summer now faded, a new glory had come which can only be accomplished if nature once again falls into the sleep of winter. Only when the winter came can the spring once again be renewed. Maybe that’s why she liked it so much. It reminded her of what she knew to be true in her own life. That the cold chill, the fading glories, must happen if she wants to experience a new springtime of renewal."

UPDATE: I'm now all caught up, for the first time all month!!! :-D Praise God! Hopefully it'll stay this way now, so I can write 1667 words a day instead of the 3000 I've been doing! lol

OH, and here's a fun little picture that the NaNoWriMo site made for its writers :)

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