Friday, October 16, 2009
More paperwork! :)
I got papers for housing, classes, and roommate assignment today! :)

And it occurred to me…I should be praying not only for my future Bernardians (for whom I have already begun to pray, that we may all grow in love for Christ and for each other while we’re there :-D)…I should be praying for my specific roommate(s) especially. After all, I will be spending 4 months with people I don’t know right now. I might as well entrust them to the One who already knows them and knows them best out of anybody. :)

Especially since I don’t know anyone in the program, and it seems like everyone else will know at least one person (I think the only other people besides those from St. Thomas go to Notre Dame), I’m sort of nervous, yet very excited, to meet my fellow Bernardi residents!

Oh, and I think I’ve decided not to go to St. Paul. The money would be much better used elsewhere later in the year, so I’m saving the money and not flying. And as Maria said, I’ll know them soon enough in Rome. Speaking of Maria, she said she’s staying by the Pantheon next semester, and she’s going to visit me at Bernardi! I’m so excited! :)


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