Thursday, December 17, 2009
Which debate?
Here's what one person said about the health care debate in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Letters to the Editor, posted today and printed in today's newspaper:

So if they are indeed all aware of this fact, and they are still working against major changes to the current inequitable system that is responsible for this untenable situation, then isn't it fair to say that they have made a value judgment, whether consciously or unconsciously, that killing at least 10,000 people each year is acceptable to them? What does this tell us about their ethics and values? I'd really be curious to know how they rationalize this to themselves and how they are able to sleep at night. Of course, I guess if you value money and power over human lives, it's no problem.

And now I ask you to read it again. This time, think of it in terms of the injustice of abortion. Substitute "10,000" for "1.2 million."

This is the problem with the health care reform as it stands right now. It's not that the Catholic Church doesn't want to see people get adequate medical coverage. I can name you three Catholic hospitals or medical organizations within the Pittsburgh area alone which will turn that argument over on its head. It's not that the Catholic Church doesn't care for the poor. Again, I can name you at least five initiatives in the Diocese of Pittsburgh which will bring that argument to ashes. The fact of the matter is, we can't turn a blind eye to the fact that the youngest and frailest members among us, namely, the unborn children, our future generations, our children and grandchildren, will be killed in greater numbers. We would destroy our future for our own convenience. I would love to see everyone get all the medical coverage they need. But please, let that extend to ALL Americans. That means the unborn Americans too.
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