Thursday, September 9, 2010
Highlights of Week 2
~Went to Phantom of the Opera on Sunday night with my sister Steph for her birthday. As expected, the show was phenomenal!!! :) Steph and I both thoroughly enjoyed the show, loved the fancy theater, and were excited that we got to see the show on its last Broadway tour.

~Classes are starting out just fine. Homework is picking up, but unfortunately, motivation level is not yet. ;)

~The girls of my household all consecrated ourselves to Mary through the Maximilian Kolbe formula on September 8, Mary's birthday. We promptly celebrated with cupcakes, champagne, and limoncello!

~I had a picnic lunch on the Cathedral of Learning lawn with the lovely, newly-married Caitlin B this afternoon. It was so nice to chat with her, seeing as I haven't really gotten to catch up with her since we met up in Rome! I hope that this will become a regular occurrence!! :)

~This picture. The brainchild of Emily B, at the (not-very-specific-so-this-is-what-he-got) request of James L:

~The opportunity to reflect upon how very far my friends have come since freshman year. I have had the immense privilege of knowing a certain group of people and seeing them grow and mature over the past four years. I actually found myself getting choked up today--I thank God immensely for allowing me to watch His transforming grace in action in the lives of my friends. I hope that when the right time comes, I will be able to tell them just how thankful I am for them.

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